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Adding Variables
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Tools > Merge Data Files > Add New Variables

This function adds new variables to an existing data file, and saves the result as a new .sav file. You might use this because you want to add data calculated in Excel. The new variables must contain data for the same cases (respondents) as are in the current data file; if you want to add new cases then click here.


The files being merged may be either .sav files or .csv files, but the output will always be a .sav file, which you can import back into an existing project.


  • The Current data file is the file you already had, and is usually part of an existing Q project.
  • The Donor data file contains the new data.

How to Merge

  1. Use the arrow buttons to move variables into the Omit box if you do not want them included in the output file.
  2. Use the drop downs at the bottom of the screen to select the variables to be used to match up cases between the two files.


  • If a case in one file cannot be matched to a case in the other then missing values will be substituted.
  • If a case in one file matches more than one case in the other then the data from the first file will be duplicated across each case in the other file.
  • The two files need not have their cases in the same order unless side by side - no matching has been selected.
  • If you select side by side - no matching then your two data files must have an identical number of cases.


After finishing you should import the newly merged file into your existing Q project using File > Data Sets > Update. Q will alert you to any differences and allow you to update your project.