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This form allows you to adjust Q's interpretation of the layout of grid, or two-dimensional, questions.

Q requires that each variable that is part of a grid question must include both the column name (first) and row name (last) in its label.

If the variables are labeled consistently then Q may be able to guess the layout. However if the labels are not sufficiently regular then you may need to use this screen to override Q's guess.

If none of the available layouts result in a sensible labels in the preview grid, then you may need to first correct the variable labels so they are consistent. See the tutorial Poorly Set Up Grids or our blog here for how to setup labels and variables to be recognized as a grid.

Buttons, options and fields

Q 4.3

Layout A list of the possible layouts, described as rows x columns (by rows/columns). Select the layout that results in the most sensible labels in the preview grid.

Q 4.2

Variables by rows Tick this if the variables are ordered by rows. That is, the first group of variable labels start with the same text: the name of the first column, followed by the variables for the second column, and so on.

Number of rows The number of rows in the arrangement. The number of columns will be inferred by dividing the total number of variables by this number.