Customizing Rules

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Any Rule available in Online Library can be customized. Alternatively, Creating a Custom Rule describes how to create a custom rule from scratch.

Common customizations

In some situations, a rule will have a set of options that you can easily modify, as follows:

  1. Press on the Rules tab (bottom-left of the table/chart).
  2. Select the rule that you wish to modify.
  3. Press Edit Rule and make the desired changes.

Advanced customizations

Rules can also be modified by changing the underling code, which is referred to as Table JavaScript and Plot JavaScript.

  1. Find the page on this wiki that contains the rule you wish to modify. You can either do this by searching or following links on this wiki or using Q, as follows:
    • Select Automate > Browse Online Library.
    • Find the rule that you wish to customize (note that you can use the filter buttons at the top of the screen and you can search for keywords).
    • Scroll down the description of the rule which appears at the bottom of the window and press More information.
  2. Copy the code (which will be in a grey box under the JavaScript heading).
  3. In Q, select Automate > Custom Rule > Edit JavaScript.
  4. Paste the code in and modify it as per your needs (see Table JavaScript and Plot JavaScript).