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Binary Logit, also known as Logistic Regression is estimated in Q when the Dependent question is a Pick One question and it contains only two categories.


Additional outputs

With ordered logit, additional parameters are shown at the beginning of the output which relate to the thresholds for the categories. An understanding of the working of these thresholds is most readily obtained by checking the option for Construct variable(s) containing predictions and reviewing the JavaScript of the created variables (alternatively, review the first of the references provided in Regression Outputs.

Additional Properties

When using this feature you can obtain additional information that is stored by the R code which produces the output.

  1. To do so, select Create > R Output.
  2. In the R CODE, paste one of the code snippets from below.
  3. Replace item with the name of your item. Find this in the Report tree or by selecting the item and then selecting Properties > General from the object inspector on the right.
  4. Click Calculate.

Properties which may be of interest are:

  • Summary outputs from the regression model:
item$summary$coefficients # summary regression outputs

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