Adding Images and Formatted Text to a Header, Footer, or Cover Page

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It is possible to include images in the headers, footers, and cover page that appear when printing multiple tables or charts, or when exporting to PDF. The options can be found in Edit > Project Options > Customize, under the Printed Header/Footer tab and the Printed Cover Page tab. Both of these tabs contain boxes into which text and images can be placed. Basic text can be added by simply typing into one of the input boxes in these tabs.

Images and Formatted Text

Formatted text and images can be added to these tabs by first arranging the text or image in Microsoft word, copying it, and then pasting it into the box in Q.

For example, to add a logo:

  1. Open Microsoft Word.
  2. Select Insert and Pictures.
  3. Locate the picture that you wish to use and click Open.
  4. Resize the image as desired.
  5. Click on the image.
  6. Press Ctrl + C to copy.
  7. In Q, open the appropriate tab in the Project Options.
  8. Click in the header, footer, or cover page box.
  9. Press Ctrl + V to paste in the image.

Changing the Position of an Image

When pasting an image using the method above, the position of the image is not stored in Q. To change the position of the image you can place the image within a table, use the dimensions of the table cells to alter the position of the image on the page, and then hide the borders of the table so that they do not appear in the output. For example, to place an image to the right of the cover page:

  1. Start a blank Word document.
  2. Change the page layout to Landscape in order to match the outputs from Q.
  3. Add a table with two cells beside one another.
  4. Place the image in the right-hand cell using Insert and Pictures.
  5. Move the separator between the cells and resize the table so that the image is forced into the very right of the page.
  6. Change the table border color to white, so that it does not show up. This should be done by selecting the table, clicking the Design tab under the Table Tools ribbon, clicking on the Borders drop-down menu, selecting Borders and Shading, and setting the Color to white.
  7. Copy the table and paste into Q.