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Your Q license includes access to customer support which you can contact by emailing support@q-researchsoftware.com, or by calling the appropriate number from our website. The Customer Success team love to help people solve problems in Q. Our head office is based in Sydney, Australia, but we also have staff in London, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

How we can help

Q support can answer questions about using Q. This includes questions about features, data setup, creating new variables, and more. In many cases we will be able to provide you with a link to a Wiki article, blog post, or video which covers your question. In other cases we will need to send you some steps to resolving the query.

Help we cannot provide

We are not able to provide advice about statistical analysis, what techniques to use, or how to interpret results. We do not provide consulting services of any kind, however there is a list of third parties listed on our website who can do work in Q for a fee.

Sending us files

In the course of a support request we may ask you to send us a QPack of your project so that we can help to troubleshoot issues in your project and data. This allows us to see how the data is set up and to trace back to the route cause of your query.

Please ensure all personally identifiable information has been removed from all files before sending through to us. To do so, see How to Remove Personally Identifiable Information from a Data Set.