Moving and Changing Rows and Columns

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Generally it is best to access online training from within Q by selecting Help > Online Training

When viewing any table, you can move rows and columns by dragging-and-dropping (i.e., click on the row or column of interest and drag it to where you would like it to be). Merging is done in the same way, except that you drag one category on top of another and release your mouse button (i.e., ‘drop’ one category onto another).

Renaming categories

You can rename a category by right-clicking on it and selecting Renane. Alternatively, if the product has not been merged with other categories, right-click on it and select Values and edit the label in the Value Attributes dialox box.

Moving, merging and copying categories

  • To move a category click on it and drag it to where you want it to go.
  • If when moving a category you release it on top of another category it will merge.
  • Hold down the Shift or Ctrl button on your keyboard, select categories that you wish to combine and right-click and select Merge to combine them.
  • If you wish to change Hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard to copy a category.

Creating NET categories

Hold down the Shift or Ctrl button on your keyboard, select categories that you wish to use to create a NET, right-click and select Create NET.


Right-click on the column or row that you wish to use to use as the basis for the sort, select 'Sort By and whichever of the options are appropriate.

Automatic reordering of rows and columns

Right-click on a row or column category and select Reorder rows or Reorder columns and Q will reorder the rows and columns in a way that may make patterns on the table easier to view (the algorithm attempts to Diagonalize the table).

Undoing changes that have been made to the rows and columns on a table

If you inadvertently merge categories, you can unmerge them by pressing UndoButton.png, clicking your right mouse button on the category and selecting Split, or, if you wish the table to appear as it did prior to editing, you can select Revert.