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Often it is useful to have multiple people simultaneously working on the same study. Q does not permit two people to be working on the same project at the same time in the standard version of the program, as this would cause lots of difficult-to-resolve conflicts (e.g., if they recoded the same variable in different ways). However, Q can merge together two projects. This will even work if the data files contain different respondents (e.g., if one contains respondents from one wave and another contains respondents from a different wave of a tracker).

How to merge two projects

  1. Start Q twice, so that you have two separate versions of Q open.
  2. Open the two projects that you wish to merge in each of the versions of Q.
  3. Set the Case IDs in the Data tab in each project.
  4. Resize the windows so that you can see both projects at the same time (in Windows, this is easiest done by selecting one program, holding down the Windows button on the keyboard and pressing the left arrow button and then repeating this for the other instance of Q using the right arrow button).
  5. In each project, go to the Variables and Questions tab.
  6. Select any variables that you wish to copy and drag them across to the other project. If the variables form part of one or more questions, Q will reproduce those same questions in the new project. If the variables that you are copying have the same name as variables in the project that you are copying to, Q will instead insert the values of the original variables (but you will first have to set the Case IDs in the Data tab so that Q can ensure it matches the correct respondents together).
  7. Go to the Outputs Tab and copy tables from one Report to the other.

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