Installing a Standard License

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Please ensure that you follow all the steps (i.e., if you just click on the .exe and do not follow the remaining steps then Q will not be properly installed).

1. Visit your Customer Page in your web browser.
2. Click Install Q Professional.
3. On the following screen, click Install Q Professional.

Installation blue box.png

4. When the installation file has downloaded, find it in the location where it saved and double-click to run/open it.
5. When prompted by Windows if you would like to allow the app to make changes, click Yes.
6. Click Next > in the dialogue.
7. When asked about the license agreement, select I accept the agreement, and then click Next >. You will not be able to install Q if you do not accept the license agreement.

Installation accept license.png

8. Decide if you want to allow Q to collect statistics, then click Next >.
9. Decide if you want to install Q in a different folder, and then click Next >.
10. Decide if you want Q to create a desktop icon, then click Next >.
11. Click Install.
12. Once the installation is complete, click Finish.
13. A web page will appear for you to confirm your name, e-mail, and your computer's name. These details will be shown on your Customer Page. Click Confirm when done, and close the web page.

Q Professional Window Title 2.png

You can confirm the license has been successfully installed by looking at the title of the Q window. It will say Project: Untitled.Q - Q Professional.

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