How To Standardize/Normalize Variables When Creating Segments

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When creating segments using Numeric Questions, in some situations it can be useful to standardize (normalize) the variables prior to doing the analysis. For example, if one question is on a 10 point scale and another is on a 5 point scale, in cluster analysis, the data on the 10 point scale will usually dominate the analysis, all else being equal.

The two main ways of creating segments in Q are:

Standardizing data with latent class analysis

By default, Q's latent class algorithms automatically normalize data between questions. For example, if you have one question with a 5 point scale and another with a 10 point scale, the mathematics of latent class analysis implicitly treats both questions as if they were on the same scale. You can modify the extent of importance of a particular question in the analysis using Question weights

However, within a particular question the data is not automatically normalized, which means that within a question, variables with higher standard deviations will, all else being equal, be more influential. You can, however, get Q to also standardize within questions. This is done from with Segments by selecting Advanced and changing the Distribution of segments to Multivariate Normal - Diagonal.

Standardizing data with cluster analysis

To standardize the data prior to cluster analysis, it is necessary to standardize the variables. See How to Create a Variable with Standardized Values.

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