Converting Other Files Types into SPSS or CSV Data Files

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Saving as a .sav File
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Once a data file has been read into Q it can be saved as an SPSS .sav data file or CSV file by selecting Tools > Save Data as SPSS/CSV File.

This can be useful when you need to delete cases/variables from raw data due to customer request or you need to deliver a modified .sav file to the client. More detail on how to do this is on our blog post how to save a modified spss file. When you save as an SPSS data file, information contained in both the original data file and the Q project is saved, with any changes made in Q being “hard coded” into the new data file. A list of what will occur is shown once you select Save Data as SPSS/CSV File.

Any variables marked as hidden in the Variables and Questions tab will be excluded from the export, and any respondents deleted in the Data tab will also be excluded. Other warnings are below:

Save spss csv warning.png

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