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Please ensure that you follow all the steps (i.e., if you just click on the .exe and do not follow the remaining steps then Q will not be properly installed).

  1. Visit your Customer Page in your web browser.
  2. Click Install Q Professional.
  3. Click on the QSetup.exe link and press Run. Please note, if you do not then complete the rest of these instructions you will only have installed Q Reader. You need to install the remaining steps below in order for your license to work properly.
  4. Click on the Q License File (this is the file with your company name and ending in qlic) and press Open.
  5. Read and, if appropriate, Accept the license agreement (if you do not accept then you cannot use Q).
  6. Ensure that Activate online is selected and press Continue. If you are not connected to the Internet, or are trying to transfer licenses between computers, an error screen may appear. In this case:
    • Go back and select Activate by email or phone.
    • Click Continue.
    • Click Copy To Email to send an e-mail to Q Support who will respond with an Unlock Code.
    • Once you receive the Unlock Code, go back to Q (which should still be open) and enter the Unlock Code you have been given.
    • Click Continue.
  7. A web page will appear for you to confirm your name and your computer's name. You can enter more details to help manage your licenses; these details will be shown on your Customer Page. Click Confirm when done, and close the web page.

Q Professional Window Title.png

You can confirm the license has been successfully installed by looking at the title of the Q window. It will say No Project Loaded - Q Professional.

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