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Q can automatically export charts, tables and text to PowerPoint and update the PowerPoint presentation to reflect updates of data in Q.




Q can either create standard PowerPoint charts at the time of export, or, export its own internal Charts.

PowerPoint Charts Q Charts
Data can be edited and viewed Can display significance tests
More extensive formatting options Developed specifically for market research

PowerPoint Charts

All of the standard Microsoft Office chart types can be exported and updated using Q, where 'standard' refers to the chart types that are selectable within PowerPoint, Excel and Word's Chart Type menus.

PowerPoint Chart Templates

Within Microsoft Office it is possible to automatically format charts using Chart Templates. These Chart Templates can be selected when exporting from Q (see Export to Office).

Export Chart Defaults

Office Chart Types and Office Chart Templates can be set as defaults for particular combinations of data using Edit > User Options > Export Chart Defaults.

Q's Charts

Q's Charts have been specifically designed for market research. In particular, they can display the results of tests of statistical significance.

Chart Templates

Any chart can be saved as a template using View > Save as Template. These templates can then be selected from the Show Data as menu (see Charts for more information).

General defaults

Default fonts, font sizes, font styles chart colors can be set at Edit > Project Options > Customize > Charts.


Image of Table

When exporting To PowerPoint as Image of Table, the general appearance of the table is controlled via Table Styles.

PowerPoint Table

When exporting To PowerPoint as PowerPoint Table, the general appearance of the table is controlled via settings in PowerPoint. The default table style comes from the Theme of the slideshow. You can change this default by right-clicking on your desired table style in the Table Style gallery of the DESIGN tab of the ribbon (you will need to manually change the first table).

Slide Layout

PowerPoint Templates

The major aspects of the layout of a slide are determined by the settings within PowerPoint files, which are, in turn, controlled by PowerPoint templates and PowerPoint's Master Slide settings.

PowerPoint Export Layout

Additional control over the appearance of exports in PowerPoint is available within Q via the PowerPoint Export Layout settings.

Shrink tables to fit one slide

By default, large tables are shrunk to fit into the available space. This can be turned off by selecting User Options > Display/Printing and de-selecting Shrink tables to fit in one slide (when exporting to PowerPoint) or in page margins (when exporting to Word).


Footers can be extensively customized. See Footers.

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