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The following is a 7 part videos series that shows how Displayr's choice-modeling capabilities.

For an explanation of the video control buttons, please see our Video Control Guide below. Use the button on the bottom right of the player to expand the video to full screen.

The following is a guide to the control bar for all embedded videos on this wiki:

Wistia volume.png Volume control.
Wistia captions.jpg Closed captions(toggle on or off) - these are off by default.
Wistia settings.png Settings – we recommend at least 720p, ideally 1080p streaming. Closed captioning may be available for the video as well here.
Wistia Chapters.png Chapter list (only available on selected videos) - toggle this on/off to show/hide the chapter list.
Wistia fullscreen.png Full-screen - click this to enlarge your video to the size of your screen. Use "Esc" to escape the full-screen mode.