Automatically Updating R DataSets, Variables, and Outputs

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R Outputs, R Variables, and R DataSets can be made to refresh automatically after a specified time period by including a line of code like the following:

message("R output expires in 3600.0 seconds")

The calculation will be re-run after the given number of seconds. In this case 3600 seconds corresponds to one hour. The decimal point and the word "seconds" may both be omitted.

If a single piece of code issues multiple messages, the message with the least number of seconds is preferred. That is, the earliest wins.

R DataSets may not be refreshed more than every 10 minutes. Excess data usage fees may occur as a consequence of automatic updating.

In Q, the updating will only occur when opening a project.

When updating data sets, serious and unrecoverable errors may occur if there are changes in the structure of the data file (e.g., new variables, changes of variable type).

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