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Related Online Training modules
Automatic Tests of Statistical Significance
Significance Tests on Grids
Type 1 Error
Population Weights
Non-Proportional Sampling Weights
Planned Tests of Statistical Significance
Column Comparisons
ANOVA with Post Hocs
ANOVA Repeated Measures with Post Hocs
Generally it is best to access online training from within Q by selecting Help : Online Training

Basic mechanics of Q's testing

The basic process of statistical in Q works as follows:

  1. The user specifies the relationships to be tested.
  2. Q computes a p-Value
  3. Results are highlighted as significant if

See Overview of Statistical Testing in Q for more detail.

Statistical tests categorized by data type

Working out which test has been conducted

To work out which test has been conducted on the cell of a table, select that cell and press AlphaButton.png (see Planned Tests of Statistical Significance).

See also

SurveyAnalysis.org contains a general discussion about the use and interpretation of tests of statistical significance (see The Role of Statistical Tests in Survey Analysis).


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